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Our mission is to Help people & organisations assess and mitigate their Environmental Impact with IT and Nature-based solutions

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Short introduction of TGP

Quantify your CO2 emissions

Use our Free Online C02 Calculator to quantify your Emissions!

Reduce your CO2 emissions

To get a detailed overview and learn how to reduce your CO2 Emissions,
simply choose from one of our Assessments and receive our Certificate and our Report.

Step 1: Right Understanding

Our actions have consequences. The way we live and work has consequences. Understanding this is the first step towards more sustainability.

Starting with businesses and organisations active in the Finance industry, we can help to assess the impact of their activities on the environment.

Step 2: Right Actions

Having assessed your Carbon Emissions, the next step is to take measures to reduce them going forward.

What about emissions that have already been generated?

You can choose to plant trees sustainably to match your carbon emissions: transparently and with a lasting impact, using our innovative solutions.

Step 3: Right Efforts

Understanding the impact of your activities on the environment and taking concrete actions about it is good.

Making sure that such actions have a lasting impact is even better.

That’s why we came up with Monitoring Programmes to track your continuous efforts:

– to reduce your carbon emissions over time through our Assessments and Reporting Services

– to ensure that the trees that you helped to plant continue to grow and absorb C02 through our 10-year+ Sentinel Programme.

Green Blockchain & SMART CONTRACTS

Our Community

Guiding Principles

At TGP, we ultimately want to help combat global warming and improve the livelihood of people all over the world.

This is an ambitious goal and can only be achieved through collective, global and continuous efforts.

Below are some of our priorities and guiding principles to help achieve this goal.

Concrete Actions

Climate change is a global issue that requires global thinking but local actions:

Quantify your Carbon Emissions – PRESENT

Reduce your Carbon Emissions – FUTURE

Compensate your Carbon Emissions – PAST

Science & Data

We only carry out actions if their benefits are supported by Science and Data, e.g.,

IPCC Reports

Government Reports

Academic & NGO Studies

Involve & Engage

We connect & involve users with local communities in our action areas, starting with:





We are as transparent as possible:

– about how we use your money

– about who is doing what

– in communicating our latest developments

Information & Knowledge for all

Summaries of IPCC and academic reports made easy to understand and put into “real-world” perspective.

Where possible, we’ll make information fun and interactive!

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