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Carbon Calculators

For a lasting impact

To ensure that your actions have a lasting impact, we came up with transparent & innovative solutions to help you track your efforts over time:

– through our Assessments & Reporting, you can monitor and compare the Carbon Emissions generated by your activities

– through our 10-year+ Sentinel Programme, you can locate, monitor and track every tree you helped to plant

Our Tree Planting & Sentinel Programme will start later this year. If you want to be part of our first participants, do contact us!

For more transparency

With our Blockchain, you can track all your trees in a transparent and simple way.

Our open-source Blockchain records all relevant information linked to any tree that you helped to plant: planting region, GPS coordinates, the name of the planter, how the funds raised for each tree were used, pictures and updates of your trees etc.

This information will be accessible through your personalised account in a user-friendly dashboard.

For more sustainability, our open-source Blockchain runs on shared cloud server that does not require more electricity than any other regular server.

Plus we commit to plant new trees to match our own carbon emissions, which will also be recorded on our Blockchain and accessible for everyone to see!

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If you want to be among our first participants, please contact us!

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